Solid Glass Calibrations for Liquid Level Gauges

The new solid glass gauge display offers the same or better physical durability as the original plastic tops. However, this new glass gauge top offers much better resistance to sun damage, heat, weathering, chemical fumes, and more.

The new glass gauge top eliminates the discoloration and cloudiness that can sometimes occur with the original plastic tops.

It also will not warp, no matter how much heat and sun you expose it to.

The new glass calibration will also hold up better when exposed to more aggressive chemical conditions, such as acids, caustics, high ethanol E85, Bio-Diesel, etc…

Currently, this glass option is available on three models. The Type D At A Glance Direct Reading Gauge, the Type H Therma Gauge, and the Type K At A Glance Leak Gauge.

The oldest most reliable mechanical gauge on the market just got better. As always, our gauges and all the parts on our gauges are Made in the USA.

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