Leak Detection Gauge

Leak Detection Gauge

Type K Interstitial Leak Gauge Monitor

For over 75+ years, Krueger Sentry Gauge has been an industry leader in the production of high-grade measurement instrumentation, including leak detection gauges. Our Type K interstitial leak detection gauge is a reliable, vertical-type leak monitor engineered to detect leaks in the annular/interstitial space of a double wall above-ground containment tank (ASTs). Its refined mechanical design promotes durability, minimal upkeep, quick installation, and efficient, inexpensive repairs.

For these interstitial leak detection gauges, the standard materials we use include an HDPE Float, aluminum rods, aluminum bushing, and plastic calibration. Alternative materials of construction such as plastic and stainless are available upon request. Leak detection gauges made of custom materials, however, have smaller size limitations. Our standard interstitial leak gauge monitor can be custom-made in-house to fit the specifications unique to each customer’s tank. We can accommodate any size taken from 6 inches to 170 inches in depth.

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leak detection gauge

Leak Detection Gauge Information

Industries that use Leak Detection Gauges

This monitor is designed to thread into monitoring pipes and threaded fittings at the top of the interstitial space on a double containment tank.  Any liquid leaking into the containment space will prompt the float to rise, providing a visual indication on top of the tank that there is liquid in the interstitial containment areas.  At Krueger Sentry Gauge, we manufacture Type K leak gauges for a wide range of industries, including:

Leak Detection Gauge Applications

Within these industries a wide variety of media is handled, some of which can be harmful to both employees as well as the environment. For this reason, Krueger Sentry Gauge understands that reliable and precise gauge instrumentation is paramount. Our customers can trust that the gauges they get from us are durable and designed with safety in mind. Potential media includes:

  • Oil
  • Butane
  • Propane
  • Corn Syrup
  • Ethanol
  • Alcohol
  • Hydrochloric Acid
  • Unleaded Kerosene
  • Naphtha-Kerosene Blend
  • Avgas
  • Biofuels

Leak Detection Gauge Accessories

Krueger Sentry Gauge leak detection gauges have several additional accessories each client can choose from to meet specific needs. These accessories include:

  • Direct Mount Alarms – an audible alarm that mounts directly to the gauge to provide your choice of overfill or low-level warnings
  • Remote Mount Alarms – an audible alarm that can be remotely wired to provide your choice of overfill or low-level warnings
  • Aluminum Lock Nut – replaces the red lock nut for added durability.
  • Gauge Guard – protective cover that replaces the red locking nut protecting from physical damage and weathering damage (it also helps with passing fire inspections)
  • Glass Calibration – provides increased protection from heat, fumes, and weathering (it also helps with passing fire inspections)

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