Overfill Gauge Alarms – New Options Available

New models available for the Krueger Audible Overfill Prevention Alarms

The Audible Alarm accessory for the Krueger Gauge line of products has become a hot selling item. Able to provide audible overfill protection or audible low level warnings, it is a convenient and inexpensive solution. In response to feedback, we are now offering the Overfill Gauge Alarm in several new configurations. All of the configurations are available in both our remote mounted versions and direct mounted versions.

  • DAlarm-FL and RAlarm-FL : With this model, the audible fill alarm is replaced with a flashing light. The flashing light will trigger with the magnetic sensor in the fill gauge and continues to flash until reset.
  • Dalarm-FL-TO & RAlarm-FL-TO : With this model, there is an audible alarm, a flashing light, and a time out feature. When triggered, the alarm will sound for 20 seconds, then it will silence itself and chirp every few seconds. The flashing light will go until reset.
  • DAlarm-DC-FL & RAlarm-DC-FL : This gauge alarm replaces the audible alarm with a set of dry contacts and a flashing light. The light will flash until reset.

DAlarm-DC-FL-TO & RAlarm-DC-FL-TO : This version has dry contacts, audible alarm, flashing light, and a time out feature. The alarm itself will shut off after 20 seconds and begin to chirp until reset. The flashing light will go until reset as well.

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