Chemical Sight Gauge for More Aggressive Liquids

Chemical Sight Gauge

Standard Krueger sight gauges are best known in the petroleum equipment industry for providing inexpensive yet reliable liquid level fill gauges for all types of tanks.  Yet with the growing amount of alternative fuels including bio diesel and E-85, we found it advantageous to create sight gauge packages that include all stainless steel or all plastic components.  This created an excellent side effect.

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Montana DEQ – Aboveground Storage Tank Inspection

Krueger Sentry Gauge can provide a high-level overfill alarm (both visual and audible) to notify the person filling the tank that the fluid has reached 90 percent. This should satisfy step eleven on the inspection sheet. See the example products and documents from our website.

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Above Ground Tank Installation- NFPA 30- Tank Storage

Above Ground Tank Installation

Means shall be provided to prevent overfilling by sounding an alarm when the liquid level in the tank reaches 90 percent of capacity and by automatically stopping the delivery of liquid to the tank when the liquid level in the tank reaches 95 percent of capacity.

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Overfill Gauge Alarms – New Options Available

Overfill Gauge Alarms

New models available for the Krueger Audible Overfill Prevention Alarms

The Audible Alarm accessory for the Krueger Gauge line of products has become a hot selling item.  Able to provide audible overfill protection or audible low level warnings, it is a convenient and inexpensive solution.  In response to feedback, we are now offering the Overfill Gauge Alarm in several new configurations. All of the configurations are available in both our remote mounted versions and direct mounted versions.

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DEF - Diesel Exhaust Fluid Level Gauges

I have done some research, and I am proud to announce that the current Krueger Liquid Level Gauge product line will be fully compatible with the new DEF that will be hitting markets soon.  I recommend any one of the following three material configurations.

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Pennsylvania Aboveground Storage Tank Regulations

Aboveground Storage Tank

Inspectors from the state Department of Environmental Resources are ramping up efforts to find unregistered fuel storage tanks, as one local farmer discovered when he was recently fined by the DEP because he had not obtained a permit for his 8,000-gallon tank.

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