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Our two newest and most popular products are the Audible Tank Level Alarm and the LED At A Glance Remote Display. This alarm can be used as a high or low-liquid-level alarm. Our gauge alarm accessories are high-quality, durable, and applicable to your specific industry needs. It mounts directly to nearly any one of our existing gauges, requiring just a couple of minutes to install. The remote gauge display also mounts directly to most of our gauges. It is designed to turn our direct reading gauges into remote reading gauges.

For more info on the At A Glance Tank Alarm – At A Glance Tank Alarm Page

For more info on the LED At A Glance Remote Display – LED AAG Page

The line of Krueger Sentry Gauge products is a versatile and durable set of liquid-level monitors. The gauges are custom-made to fit your tanks and are good in nearly any top-mounted application from 6 inches to 12 feet in depth.

Various Material Choices (see individual product lines for limitations):

Standard Level Gauge Construction – Galvanized steel wetted rods, HDPE Float, Aluminum Bushing

Add S1 to part number – Stainless Steel rods

Add S2 to part number – Stainless Rods and Stainless Floats

Add S3 to part number – Stainless Rods, Floats, and Stainless Bushing

Add P to the front of part number – Peek rods, HDPE Float, and PVC Bushing

Add Kynar to part number – Kynar rods, HDPE Float, and PVC Bushing

Add GLC to Part number – Calibration gets a Glass internal piece.

Add ALG to Part number – Adds protective guard and aluminum nut to the top of the gauge.

Add ALN to part number – replaces the red plastic nut with an aluminum nut.


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