Liquid Level Gauge

Tank Liquid Level Indicator

For over 75+ years, Krueger Sentry Gauge has been manufacturing a variety of reliable liquid level gauges. These gauges are industrial meters employed to measure the level of liquid in a process tank. Their calibration is used to guarantee that precise readings are obtained. This is essential to ensure efficient and safe operations, especially in cases where fluids may not be visible or are unsafe to handle.

Types of gauges we fabricate include:

At Krueger Sentry Gauge, most of our gauges are made from stainless steel, 316L specifically, however, we can also use certain plastics and other kinds of chemically resistant materials.

Liquid Level Gauge Benefits

In our liquid level gauges, peripheral sealing separates sealing stresses from the process pressure, allowing these gauges to meet higher temperature and pressure requirements than other designs. Other advantages of our liquid level gauges include:

  • Durability
  • Resistance to high temperature and pressure
  • Easy to read from a distance
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Accuracy
  • Customizable for unique applications

Liquid Level Gauge Applications

Due to these benefits, Krueger Sentry Gauge’s liquid level gauges are equipped for measuring a significant selection of media, including oil, butane, propane, corn syrup, ethanol, alcohol, hydrochloric acid, unleaded kerosene, naphtha-kerosene blend, avgas and biofuels. These instruments are, therefore, necessary for a wide range of industries, including:

Whether liquid level gauges are used in order to maintain proper levels and conditions of liquids in the food & beverage industry or potentially hazardous chemicals in the petroleum or wastewater industries, this instrumentation plays an integral role in maintaining the safety of employees and the environment.

Liquid Level Gauge Accessories

Krueger Sentry Gauge liquid level gauges have a number of additional accessories each client can choose from to meet specific needs. These accessories include:

  • Direct Mount Alarms – audible alarm that mounts directly to the gauge to provide your choice of overfill or low-level warnings
  • Remote Mount Alarms – audible alarm that can be remotely wired to provide your choice of overfill or low-level warnings
  • Aluminum Lock Nut – replaces the red lock nut for added durability.
  • Gauge Guard – protective cover that replaces the red locking nut providing protection from physical damage and weathering damage (it also helps with passing fire inspections)
  • Glass Calibration – provides increased protection from heat, fumes and weathering (it also helps with passing fire inspections)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a liquid level gauge? What is a liquid level indicator?

A liquid level gauge, also known as a liquid level indicator, is a meter for measuring liquid levels in a vessel such as a process tank, barrel, or drum.

How does a liquid level gauge work?

A liquid level gauge utilizes a mechanical float to indicate to a sensor what the liquid level is.

What does a liquid level gauge do?

Liquid level gauges can be used in various industrial applications to measure fluid levels in process tanks, barrels, and drums. Given the variety of uses, level gauges come in many forms and are made to simplify the process of determining fluid level within a container. Krueger Sentry fabricates a variety of gauges to meet your most standard to aggressive liquid and chemical measuring needs.

What are the benefits of a liquid level gauge?

  • Liquid level gauges ensure that proper readings are being obtained.
  • They are durable and long-lasting.
  • They are beneficial in more severe environments, such as those where higher temperatures or higher pressures are a factor.

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