What do we use as a part number?

At Krueger Sentry, we don’t use classic part numbers. Everything is description-based. Refer to your product’s Spec Page (materials options) and the Order Info (tank measurements) page for more information. Example Part Number: – H-2-48 + 12 w/glass (H signifies the type of gauge, 2 is the size opening, 48 is the tank depth, 12 is the extension, and everything after that is the options you want to be included.

Which liquid level monitor is the right choice for me?

When choosing a liquid level gauge, different factors can change which sight gauge is best for you. The basic factors that motivate people to buy each type of gauge are as follows.

Which sight gauge do you recommend most often to your customers?

I try to sell the Therma gauge to most people. It is nearly as inexpensive as the At A Glance Gauge, but you have more control over your swing arm. Plus, this level gauge can be fitted with the most options.

Do you use distributors?

Yes, we do. You can get the best pricing by buying from one of your local distributors or using a national distributor.

How do I locate a distributor?

Search our Preferred Distributor Page. Don’t see a distributor you want to use? Call me. Lee Geurts: 920-434-8860 ext 204

What is the difference between the Type D At a Glance Level Gauge and the Type H Therma Level Gauge?

The Swing arm on the Type D Gauge is fixed. When you thread in the gauge, the swing arm spins inside the tank and will end up facing in a random direction. The swing arm on the Type H Gauge can be aimed in the exact direction you want it to swing, and when you thread the gauge in it does not spin inside the tank.

How long is the swing arm on a level gauge?

The arm is always half the depth of your tank.

How do I order a custom-size level gauge?

In order to get an accurate gauge for your tank, we take two measurements into consideration. First, we measure, in inches from top to bottom, what the distance is from empty to full, known as tank depth.  Second, the distance from the full mark to the gauge fitting on top is also known as an extension length. Sometimes this measurement comes out to zero.

How do I prevent my tank gauge from getting damaged by the sun and weather?

Ordering upgraded options such as Solid Glass Tops and Gauge Guards will make your Krueger Gauge nearly impervious to weather, sun, and damage.

Can I repair just the top of my Tank Gauge, or do I need to replace the whole thing?

If your gauge still seems functional, you can replace just the top components by ordering the corresponding repair kit. Repair Kits are available for all gauge types and come in a variety of material options for added durability, which can be found in the Tank Gauge Accessories


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