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New Website — Owners Manuals

We have done a complete overhaul to our website. It is organized more efficiently than the previous website and much more modern. It also has auto responsive design to automatically re size itself to any electronic device. We hope you all like it!

Along with our new website we have created new PDF files and owners manuals for our gauges. You can get the complete listing of literature here:

A couple popular ones are listed below.

At-A-Glance Type D:

Therma Type H:

Barrel Type B:

Remote Reading Type DU:

Type GFK:

Type L:

Leak Interstitial Type K:

Overfill Alert Type OF:

Video Tutorials coming soon!

New Member of the Krueger Gauge Family

We would like to welcome Amy’s new baby:

Andi Karmen born April 30th. 11:58am. 7lbs 3ozs. 18.5″ long.
Very content baby that loves to sleep. Big sister Ali (2 yrs old) likes helping out and giving Andi all kinds of kisses. The A family is doing awesome!

Vintage Petroleum Equipment Tradeshow Photos

We were doing some spring cleaning, and I came across a treasure trove of old photos.    For those of you who have been in this business longer than I have, you may recognize some of these classic Petroleum Equipment Tradeshow pictures.

If you click on each photo, then on the next page click the photo one more time, it will open a large version.


Therma Gauge Liquid Level Fill Gauge- New Documents

I am posting a handful of new documents, all related to the Type H Liquid Level Tank Gauge.

  • Therma Gauge – Liquid Level Fill Gauge owners manual
  • Therma Gauge – Liquid Level Fill Gauge installation instructions
  • All Stainless Steel Therma Gauge – Fill Gauge owner’s manual
  • All Stainless Steel Therma Gauge – Fill Gauge installation instructions

These documents are all repair parts for a Therma Fill Gauge.

  • Repair Kit for Therma Gauge – Owner’s Manual
  • Upgraded Repair Kit for Therma Gauge – Owner’s Manual

More new product documents to come.

-Lee Geurts

New Webstore

Krueger Sentry Gauge has just opened its new improved online store. Buying your liquid level gauges and gauge repair parts has never been so easy. With a new and easier to use opening menu, you can select your gauge type and options by working thru only three screens.

Please remember, while the online catalog offers a quick and simple solution to your purchase, our distributors can offer you better pricing. (For more info on this, see the Distributor Relations blog entry)