Our Type K leak detection gauge is a reliable, vertical type leak monitor engineered to detect leaks in the annular/interstitial space of a double wall above ground containment tank (AST’s).  Its refined mechanical design promotes durability, minimal upkeep, quick installation and quick, inexpensive repairs.

For these gauges, the standard materials we use include a HDPE Float, aluminum rods, aluminum bushing and plastic calibration. Alternative materials of construction such as plastic and stainless are available upon request. Leak detection gauges made of custom materials, however, have smaller size limitations. Our standard interstitial leak gauge monitor can be custom made in house to fit the specifications unique to each customer’s tank.  We can accommodate any size take from 6 inches to 170 inches in depth.

Leak Type K Gauge

Made To Order
Leak Gauge Type K

Leak Type K Gauge Overview

What it is

Top mounted liquid leak gauge that can measure from 6 inches to 170 inches in depth. Bushing size can be 2” or 1.5”. Gauges are custom made in house to fit your tank. This gauge is designed to monitor either the interstitial space of a double wall containment system, or it can mount into an external monitoring pipe.

Additional Options - Not Included

Audible Alarm Accessory

This add on feature can turn your mechanical gauge into an audible Hi or Lo level alarm.

Gauge Guard

A cover that protects the exposed plastic components on
top of the gauge.

Replacement Parts



Replaces all the top components with standard materials.


Replaces all the top components with standard materials and a glass insert.


Replaces all the top components with standard materials and an
aluminum lock nut.


Replaces the top components with a glass insert and aluminum lock


Replaces the top components with a thick durable Solid Glass Top and
aluminum lock nut

Instructions for Operation

This gauge is a simple visual tool. If the red indicator rises into the viewing window, it is indicating that there is a leak occurring in your double wall containment system. Once installed, you simply view the calibration to monitor your interstitial space. The indicator is not calibrated. It simply indicates leak or no leak.

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