Aircraft Liquid-Level Sensor

Aircraft Liquid-Level Sensor

Krueger Sentry Gauge manufactures high-grade gauges for the aviation industry (also called the air transport or aerospace industry). Organizations within this industry research, design, manufacture, operate or maintain aircraft or spacecraft.

We have found that our customers in the aviation industry care primarily about two things: reducing risk and maximizing efficiency. Krueger Sentry Gauge has a selection of gauges to help achieve both these goals. Most of our aircraft liquid-level sensors are made from stainless steel, 316L specifically, however, we can also use certain plastics and other kinds of chemically resistant materials.

The primary types of gauges we manufacture are:

Fuel Level Sensor For Aerospace

With over 75+ years of experience, Krueger Sentry Gauge has the knowledge base necessary to engineer gauges capable of monitoring the exotic media used throughout these industries.

This media includes:

  • Unleaded Kerosene
  • Naphtha-Kerosene Blend
  • Avgas
  • Biofuels

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