Liquid Level Gauge

The Barrel Gauge Type B (Liquid Level Drum Gauge) is a reliable, swing arm type liquid level gauge used for measuring different types of fluids for a variety of applications. Its simple mechanical design promotes durability, minimal upkeep, quick installation, and easy/inexpensive repairs.

This liquid level gauge is made specifically for standing barrels. We can accommodate 55, 30, and 15-gallon drums, and we offer multiple materials of construction to accommodate nearly any type of liquid.

Barrel Gauge

Made To Order
Barrel Gauge

Barrel Gauge Overview

What it is

Top-mounted liquid level gauge that can measure the level of Drums & Barrels. Comes in 55 Gallon, 30 Gallon, and 15 Gallon Models. Will accommodate .75”, 1.5”, or 2” openings.

Additional Options - Not Included

Audible Alarm Accessory

This add on feature can turn your mechanical gauge into an audible Hi or Lo level alarm.

LED At-A-Glance Accessory

Another add on feature. This can give your mechanical gauge remote reading capability.

Gauge Guard

A cover that protects the exposed plastic components on top of the gauge.

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