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Liquid Level Tank Gauge Description-


Liquid Level Tank Gauge Type H-SSR-SSF Cut Sheet

This model of tank level gauge (Stainless Level Two) substitutes the standard galvanized wetted rods with stainless steel wetted rods, and the HDPE Floats with Stainless Steel Floats thus increasing the compatibility with different types of liquids.

Some examples of liquids this tank gauge is used for include: Acetone gauge, Bio Diesel gauge, Antifreeze gauge, MEK gauge, and more.

This liquid level tank gauge is custom made in house to fit your tank. We can accomodate any size tank from 6 inches to 120 inches in depth and we can also account for double walls and pipe risers.  Using our alarm or remote accessories, the level gauge is even more versatile.


Type H Tank Gauge Models

Liquid Level Tank Gauge Documentation: (PDF Files)

  • Type H Liquid Level Tank Gauge Ordering and Specs
  • Type H Liquid Level Tank Gauge Installation, Maintenance and Operation
  • Buy American Act Certificate for all Krueger Sentry Tank Gauge Products

Approvals and Testing: (PDF Files)

  • Florida FDEP Overfill Approval, EQ Number, Maintenance, Installation, and Ordering- PDF File
  • Overfill Test Results Documents - PDF File

Order and Part Number Help:

  • Part Number Assistance based on Tank Measurements (PDF)
  • Part Number Assistance based on Gauge Measurements (PDF)

Tank Level Gauge Accessories


Audible liquid level alarm for high or low level alert Remote Reading Tank Gauge Display (accessory)


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