Sight Gauge Overview Part 1 -Standard Therma Gauge

This is the standard Therma Gauge Model designed to measure liquid level. The base construction for this sight gauge is galvanized wetted rods with HDPE Floats and an Aluminum Bushing. Other options are available for increased compatibility with various liquids.

This mechanical gauge is custom made in house to fit your tank. Our flexible production process allows for custom sizes that range from 6 inches to 144 inches in total length. We can also customize the level indicator to accommodate for double walls and pipe risers. For more info on sizes, see the Sight Gauge Order Help.

Standard Sight Gauge construction of materials works great as:

  • Diesel Fuel Gauge
  • Gasoline Gauge (for longer life add the Glass Calibration.  Increases resistance to fumes and heat.)
  • Fuel Oil Gauge
  • Motor Oil Gauge

Visit the Standard Therma Gauge web page for more info and documentation.

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