Liquid Level Monitor
- L Type Gauge (Type L)

L Type Gauge Liquid Level Tank Monitor- Economical and Reliable Liquid Level Monitor

One of our most reliable and economical liquid level monitors is recommended for small tank applications with depths of 6" up to 30".

  • Highly visible "top reading" or "Side Reading" tank level monitor. (Not side mount)
  • Tough, acrylic calibration dome.
  • Level monitor available in 1 1/2" and 2" openings. Also has several custom bushings listed below.
  • The lowest profile liquid level monitor amongst the Krueger Gauge product line.
Type L Standard Liquid Level Monitor
Type L Standard Level Indicator

Standard construction includes galvanized steel rods, HDPE float, and an aluminum NPT bushing.

The L Gauge liquid level monitor is a reliable swing arm tank monitor designed for smaller diameter tanks. It provides a visual indication of the liquid level in your tank. Monitors the level of smaller tanks more accurately than any other Krueger Level Monitors. Ideal for liquid level depths of 6 inches to 12 inches with a maximum monitoring depth of 30 inches, and minimum of 4 inches.

Type L Gauge Weld On Bushing Option
Weld On Bushing Option

Available with 1 - 5/16" steel flange (CRS) for welding or soldering level monitor to tank.  

Part Number L-1-5/16W-(tank depth in inches)

Type L Gauge Bolt on Bushing Option
Bolt On Bushing Option

Available with 1 - 5/16" Aluminum Bolt on Flange.

Part Number L-1-5/16B-(tank depth in inches)

Type L Gauge Custom Fitting Option

Nut Washer

Available with 1.65" pass thru bushing. This bushing does not need a fitting on the tank. All you need is a 1.65 inch hole, and access to the inside of the tank to tighten down the bottom nut.

Part Number L-1.65-(tank depth in inches)