Remote display accessory for remote liquid level reading of most Krueger Gauges.

The new LED At A Glance is a remote display accessory that retro fits to nearly any liquid level tank gauge that we produce.

By mounting the magnetic sensor to a level gauge on your tank, you can remotely monitor that tank with a wired LED display up to 100 feet away.

Quick and easy installation: Four screws, position the magnet, run the wire, mount the display. That's all it takes to add a remote level gauge to your storage tank.

LED At A Glance Remote Monitor

Made To Order
LED At A Glance Remote Monitor

LED At A Glance Remote Monitor Overview

What it is

The “LED At-A-Glance” gauge system is an electronic remote read that accurately and reliably measures the fuel level in your fuel tank. It will transmit and display the level information to a wired LED display located in a convenient location on your premises.

Additional Options - Not Included

Remote Tank Gauge Features:

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Yellow Led will illuminate if any fault to the system occurs.
  • Powered by an industry standard 9V Lithium battery. Change after one year of use. (Standard 9V batteries work as well)
  • Remote tank display can be located anywhere within 100 feet of the transmitter. Comes with 25 feet of remote wire, additional may be added.
  • Hi or Low level adjustable alarms. (Can also be disabled.)
  • Automatic sleep mode to conserve battery life.

Instructions for Operation

  1. Unscrew mechanical gauge vial retainer and lift vial and retainer off.
  2. Place magnet holder on indicator, and replace vial and retainer over magnet holder and screw retainer back down.
  3. Skip step one and two if your gauge and LED were ordered together. In this case, your indicator and magnet are already installed.
  4. The clamp, clamp screws, and transmitter should already be assembled. Slide the transmitter and clamp down over the vial.
  5. Looking at the top view (the picture on bottom right), line the transmitter up with the magnet as shown in the picture and tighten the two lock down screws.
  6. To install battery, unscrew the battery box and pull the tab for access to battery compartment.
  7. Remember that this is the location of the alarm settings (see user guide).
  8. View the current fuel level using the mechanical float gauge.
  9. Press the “Push” button once to check the level on the remote display.
  10. Slide the transmitter up or down until the mechanical gauge reading matches the electronic gauge reading.
  11. Tighten the lock down screws to lock the transmitter into place.
  12. Mount the display in a convenient location.
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