Metal Liquid Level Gauge
- GFK Level Gauge

GFK Tank Level Gauge - Our Most Durable All Metal Liquid Level Fill Gauge

GFK Gauge

The Gfk gauge is a lower profile fill gauge with an all metal top construction for maximum durability. Internal wetted components consist of Galvanized Steel Rods, HDPE Floats, and an Aluminum Bushing. Due to a different joint configuration, this gauge is only available from 8" depths to 48" depths.

  • A tough performer for use in tanks with depths from 8" to 48".
  • Please specify tank depth and size when ordering.
  • Indestructible cast aluminum housing.
  • Available in 1 5/16", 1 1/2", and 2" openings.
  • Repair parts available.
  • Indestructible cast aluminum housing.

Multiple mounting options for this fill gauge shown below include.

  • CRS 1 5/16" weld on flange
  • Aluminum 1 5/16" bolt on flange
  • Pass Thru fitting option (no tank fitting required)
Type GFK Gauge Weld On Bushing Option
Weld On Bushing Option

Available with 1 - 5/16" steel flange (CRS) for welding or soldering level monitor to tank.

Part Number L-1-5/16W-(tank depth in inches)

GFK Gauge Bolt on Bushing Option
Bolt On Bushing Option

Available with 1 - 5/16" Aluminum Bolt on Flange.

Part Number L-1-5/16B-(tank depth in inches)

GFK Gauge Custom Fitting Option
Nut Washer

Available with 1.65" pass thru bushing. This bushing does not need a fitting on the tank. All you need is a 1.65 inch hole, and access to the inside of the tank to tighten down the bottom nut.

Part Number L-1.65-(tank depth in inches)