Gauge Guards - Lock Nuts

Tank Gauge Guards and Locknuts - Protect Your Gauges

Increase the durability of your Krueger Gauge by upgrading your red lock nut, or go all out with the maximum protection provided by the gauge guard.

Gauge Guard Upgrades
Gauge Guard Upgrade

The Gauge Guard is an accessory that retrofits to nearly all Krueger Gauges, replacing the standard red lock nut. It is a sleeve that slides over the exposed external plastic components of the gauge. Once installed, the guard will increase your gauges resistance to physical damage, weather, sun, and internal tank pressure.

Lock Nut Upgrades
Lock Nut Upgrade

If you want to upgrade the red lock nut on your gauge but you dont want to go all out with the gauge guard, then this is your answer. The red lock nut can be upgraded to a machined aluminum nut or a machined PVC nut, making it much more durable.