Tank Gauge Guards and Locknuts - Protect Your Gauges

Increase the durability of your Krueger Gauge by upgrading your red lock nut, or go all out with the maximum protection provided by the gauge guard.

Gauge Guard/Lock Nut Upgrades

Made To Order
Gauge Guard/Lock Nut Upgrades

Gauge Guard/Lock Nut Upgrades Overview

What it is

The Gauge Guard is an accessory that retrofits to nearly all Krueger Gauges. It is a sleeve that slides over the exposed external plastic components of the gauge. Once installed, the guard will increase your gauges resistance to physical damage, weather, sun, and internal tank pressure.

Additional Options - Not Included

The Gauge Guard is available in two different durable materials. Select from either:

  • PVC
  • Aluminum

Instructions for Operation

  1. Unthread and remove the red nut (or in some cases it is aluminum).
  2. Slip the guard over the gauge calibration and tight the gauge guards built in nut down to your bushing.
  3. Before guard is fully tightened, be sure you can see your gauges red indicator through one of the gauge guards windows.
  4. Finish tightening the guard until the calibration can no longer spin inside the guard.
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