New Product- Remote Liquid Level Gauge

Our new product is just on the horizon.  The LED At A Glance.  It is a remote display accessory that fits right on our current line of liquid level gauges.  Now you can turn any Krueger tank level gauge into a remote reading gauge.  This was originally designed with the home heating oil market in mind.  Home owners can mount this to their gauge in the basement, and put the remote display in a more convenient location.  The parallel applications for the product seem endless, however.  If you have a tank that is 10 feet in the air and you want to be able to read the gauge at ground level.  This is perfect.  Check out the picture, and if you have any questions just visit our website and get in contact with us.

Lee Geurts

Official Liquid Level Gauge Website -Krueger Gauge

PEI Young Executives


Just a small company announcement.  I have been named to the committee /board of the PEI Young Execs.  This means I get to have some say in where our group goes for meetings, educational topics, and speakers.

Not a real big deal, but I am excited.  I have been a member of the group for 5 or 6 years now.  If you are a member of the PEI organization and fall within the ages of 18 and 40 something, I highly recommend the group.  It is an excellent way to meet people in the industry and pick up business practice ideas from your peers.

Lee Geurts

2008 NACS / PEI Show in Chicago

Krueger Sentry Gauge is home and doing post trade show work.  The show was a resounding success.  We had a new booth this year, and we were showing off our new product.  The LED At A Glance.  I would like to thank all of the current and new customers for stopping by and saying hello, we appreciate all of your support.

I also attended the PEI Young Executive Round Table discussions.  I have been a member of the Young Executives for some years now.  (Five years, I think)  For those of you in the PEI Industry between the ages of 21-45, this group is an excellent way to meet others in the industry and share ideas and practices to the benefit of all.  I have developed friendships that go beyond business and I highly recommend this group to anyone in the industry that fall into the criteria.


Brett Favre is a New York Jet

If you are reading this post, then you probably read my previous post about Brett Favre retiring. If you cant tell I am a huge Brett Favre fan and an even HUGER Packer fan.

Believe it or not, you can still be both. I understand that Brett is upset with Packer management. I understand that Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy made the best decision that they could under the circumstances. I wish Brett was still a Packer. He is not, and I am OK with that.

I think the Packers leaders are excellent at what they do, and I am still a Brett Favre Fan. I will be cheering for the Packers to make the Super Bowl, and I will also be a New York Jets fan at least until Brett decides to hang it up again. So what happens in the unlikely event that both teams make it to the Super Bowl? Sorry Brett, my heart still resides in Green Bay.

Lee Geurts

China -The Manufacturing Giant

A salesman called me the other day offering assistance in getting our manufacturing outsourced to China. “It’s the wave of the future, if you don’t get on the boat you will be left behind and your business will fail.” This was his quote. Everyone from other manufacturers, to magazine articles, and even motivational speakers at conventions have told me this. Get on the boat, or fail. The only way we can remain competitive is to not only get our components from China, but to get our entire product line manufactured in China.

Krueger Sentry Gauge has taken a hard stand on this topic. Our plant is in Green Bay Wisonsin and we manufacture our product right here at home. Any component that we can produce ourselves at competitive prices is done so right here in our facilities. All components for our products that we can’t produce ourselves we have produced by other United States Manufacturer’s. I see no reason to change this. We get quality parts at fair prices from our US manufacturers.

In other words, our liquid level gauges and all of the components on our gauges are Made in the USA and will continue to be made in the USA. We have been in business for over 65 years, we have sold over 3 million gauges, our business continues to grow, and our business has stayed strong and competive despite not getting on the so called “boat”.

I am not a golden aged 75 year old man with a grudge. I am not taking a stand and trying to do what I think is best for this country. I am a 33 year old future business leader doing what I believe is best for this company and its products.

Lee Geurts

Distributor Relations

One of the most common questions I am asked is, “Why can’t I get a better price by going direct to the Manufacturer?” There are several reasons.

Krueger uses distributors as it’s primary sales force. We are small 15 person company that manufactures a quality product with a low price point. There is no room in the pricing structure for us to send out traveling salesmen all over the country/world to sell our product. We rely on distributors to show our products at their tradeshows, in their catalogs, on their shelves, and on their websites. We also rely on distributors to service and install our product.

In recognition of this need for our distribution, we do all we can to protect our distributors. Our list prices are set high enough that our distributors can always save the end user money. We do our best to funnel as many sales to our distribution as possible. Our online store has a link to our Distributor page on every single page leading up to the purchase, and a statement letting people know they can save money by going that route. Our sales people also refer phone calls to distribution as well. We offer wholesale distribution a “no minimum” policy and free drop shipments so they can fill custom orders without increasing price or lead times.

All of these statements inevitably lead to another question. “If you are so committed to supporting your distribution, why offer direct sales at all?”

Some direct sales are necessary in order to keep customers. If it is to difficult and complicated to by from your company, they will go elsewhere. Also, the web store greatly enhances our presence on the internet, and there is one web statistic that stands out in favor of our distributors. The web stats keeps track of how many times people “abandon” their shopping carts. Over half of the abandoned carts are linking to our distributor search page, and our distributor search page is the most visited page on our website.

Lee Geurts

New Webstore

Krueger Sentry Gauge has just opened its new improved online store. Buying your liquid level gauges and gauge repair parts has never been so easy. With a new and easier to use opening menu, you can select your gauge type and options by working thru only three screens.

Please remember, while the online catalog offers a quick and simple solution to your purchase, our distributors can offer you better pricing. (For more info on this, see the Distributor Relations blog entry)

New Product- LED At-A-Glance

Krueger Sentry Gauge is releasing a new product. It is called the “LED At-A-Glance”. In its base form, this unit will be able to remote monitor your AST’s for a very affordable price using your existing or new Krueger Gauges.

Much like the current At-A-Glance Alarm the new unit will be adaptable to nearly any Krueger Gauge on the market. This remote liquid level gauge will run on a nine volt lithium battery (expected life 3 years) with remote distance capabilities that are yet to be determined. (50 to 100 feet should be well within the limits)

While the current release is a hard wired remote display, the future possibilities with this product seem endless…. outputs/signals, dry contacts, wireless, hi and low level alarms.

We will have our new product on display at the NACS Show at the Chicago McCormick Center. Dates October 5th – 7th 2008. It will be in full production by January 1st 2009. Stay tuned for pictures and updates on it’s full capabilities.

Amy Filipiak

Hello! I am Amy Filipiak, the Administrative Assistant. I help with Sales, Marketing, and Accounts Receivables and Payables and love it! I have been working at KSG since January of 2004.

I am a full time student at University of Wisconsin – Green Bay. I plan to graduate in December of 2010 with a Bachelor of Business Administrative Degree in Accounting and Business Administration emphasis on Management. It has been a slow process getting through school but I will finish eventually. I can’t wait until I am done so I don’t have to worry about working and going to school at the same time!

I am 21 years old and engaged to be married in October of 2009 to my highschool sweetheart. I can’t wait! I love the outdoors, fishing, hunting, 4-wheeling, camping, anything….you name it, I like it. I lived in Suamico for 20 years with my mom, dad, brother and sister. In January I moved to Pulaski with my fiance. I absolutely love living on my own. My mom works here at KSG also so I still get to see her everyday and I still get picked on because I can’t ask her whats for dinner anymore!

I am easy to get along with and I hope that when you call and talk to me, you get that impression. Have a great summer! (I know that everyone in Wisconsin can’t wait for it. We had snow at the end of April this year!)

For more information on the company I work for visit:

Krueger Sentry Gauge Mascotts

Krueger Sentry Gauge is a small family business which is evident and obvious in so many ways. My name is Lee Geurts, and I am the youngest family member in the company. I work with my aunt, my uncle, my mother, my father, and it does not end there. Every liquid level gauge manufacturing plant and machine shop needs to have a mascott, and we have four of them.

First I would like to introduce you to Abby and Pearl. They are our alarm system. Two Toy Fox Terriers that warn us of intruders and customers alike. They belong to my Aunt Kathy. They are sisters, Abby is the porky one and Pearl is little miss petite. And just a forewarning, don’t throw the ball.

Next I would like to introduce you to the Security Guards. The first is the old veteran, Jasper. He is an eight year old boxer that is starting to go a little grey in the face, but he still takes his job as head of security and company mascott seriously.

Last but not least, I would like to present Cheyenne. She reminds me of Animal from the Muppets. Jasper is trying to teach her some manners, but she is a slow learner.