Get to know KSG – Dan

Position: CNC Programmer/Operator

Date started: May 2005


  • Color: Black with metal finish
  • Pets: Salt Water Fish
  • Meal: Tacos
  • Dessert: Ice Cream
  • Hobbies: Racing, extreme sports
  • Sports: Football

A little bit about my family:

We go up north and camp a lot.

Did you know:

I am only 21 years old and I ALREADY have my dream car, Subaru Imperza WRX STI.

Ergotron is Awesome

I am going to give Ergotron a plug, since I love it so much.  I got this for my desk about 4 months ago.  It allows me to choose if I want to stand or sit while I work.  Standing for about 75% of my day I burn an extra 500 calories, my legs are in better shape, it is easier on my back, and I remain more alert while working.  It was a great investment and recommend it to anyone with a desk job.

PS: in the background is the mastiff I rescued, sleeping away on his new bed.

Lee Geurts

Krueger Sentry Gauge

Get to know KSG – Mick

Position: Assembler

Date started: January 2009


  • Color: Green
  • Pets: Cat
  • Meal: Sirloin Steak
  • Dessert: Fresh fruit
  • Hobbies: Weightlifting, fishing, hunting
  • Sports: Formula 1 racing

A little bit about my family:

My family are all British. I emigrated to America in 2007. My daughter married a American Marine. Hence the immigration.

Did you know:

I spent a lot of time traveling the world when I was in the British Navy.

NACS/PEI Trade Show 2011

Don’t forget to stop by and see us at the NACS/PEI Show in Chicago, IL October 1-4.

We will be in booth#7282

Bruce Geurts, Sue Geurts, Lee Geurts and Amy Ambrosius will all be attending the show! However, Lee and Amy will only be there Saturday and Sunday.

Almost all products and accessories will be on display. We will have answers to your questions and you might just get lucky with a free giveaway.

We hope to see you there!

Get to know KSG – Jon

Position: All rings

Date started: June 2010


  • Color: Blue
  • Pets: My dogs Mack and Winn
  • Meal: Pizza Burger
  • Dessert: Polish drum stick
  • Hobbies: Hunting, gaming, 4wheeling, and frisbee golfing
  • Sports: Football, baseball, golf

A little bit about my family:

My family all live in Green Bay and we are close to each other. We usually have a family dinner every Sunday.

Did you know:

I have a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice.

Get to know KSG – Sue

Position: Packaging Specialist

Date started: April 2004


  • Color: Pink
  • Pet: My cat named Rocky
  • Meal: Chicken with mashed potatoes
  • Dessert: Rice crispy bars
  • Hobbies: Wii bowling
  • Sports: Bowling and volleyball

A little bit about my family:

I have a great relationship with my daughter, Vanessa. We both work a lot, but we always make time to see each other.

Did you know:

I used to do a lot of traveling.

Get to know KSG – Cody

Position: Assembler

Date started: October 2010


  • Color: Black and Red
  • Pets: Cats Tink and Bella
  • Meal: Double bacon cheese burger
  • Dessert: Vanilla ice cream
  • Hobbies: 4wheeling, frisbee golf, and playing video games
  • Sports: Golf

A little bit about my family:

I have a son named Trenton who is about to turn 1 on September 19th. I spend a lot of time with my girlfriend and her daughter along with my son.

Did you know:

I got my Electrical Degree at Fox Valley Tech.

Get to know KSG – Amy

Position: Accounting/Administrative Assistant

Date Started: January 2004


  • Color: Green
  • Pets: None
  • Meal: Any form of noodles
  • Dessert: Everything (I have a major sweet tooth)
  • Hobbies: Spending time with family and friends, love camping, being outdoors, 4wheelings, having fun
  • Sports: Tennis and watching football

A little bit about my family:

My mom comes from a family of 18 which is awesome. I got married October 9, 2009 to my high school sweetheart. We had a baby girl January 11, 2011. We plan to have 1 or 2 more.

Did you know:

My brothers name is ELVIS!

Get to know KSG – Jacob

Position: Assembler/Office Assistant

Date started: November 2010


  • Color: Cyan
  • Pets: My dog Gunner
  • Meal: Wing street wings
  • Dessert: Brownies
  • Hobbies: PC gaming
  • Sports: Football

A little bit about my family:

I work with my Uncle Chris. He works in the machine shop. My mom is a store manager at Shopko and my father works for Howard-Suamico.

Did you know:

I like to betray people in a videogame called StarCraft 2.

Green Bay Packers Training Camp- Defensive Line

Of all the free agency losses this year, the one that hurt the most was Cullen Jenkins.  With no proven back up, replacing him on the line is a shot in the dark.  Packers fans have become accustomed to not panicking during free agency.  Every year guys leave and the Packers stick to there guns and there plans, young guys step up, and by the end of the year we don’t even remember the free agency panic we all went through.  This one could be different.

With no proven pass rusher at OLB opposite of Clay Matthews, Cullen Jenkins pass rush ability was what kept defenses honest and helped prevent double teams on Clay (or at least limit double teams).  Here is a depth chart of the D-Line.

  • Left Defensive End: Mike Neal, CJ Wilson, Lawrence Guy
  • Nose Tackle: Ryan Pickett, Howard Green
  • Right Defensive End: BJ Raji, Jarius Wynn

There are a few others, but for the purposes of this article, I am sticking to the top guys.  They have moved Raji from his natural nose tackle position into Jenkins old position.  This move has pros and cons.  The pros:  Pickett is able to go back to his best position at nose tackle after playing Left End last year.  Also, BJ Raji is likely the best candidate on the team for replacing Jenkins.  The cons:  BJ Raji is an awesome nose tackle.  Moving him scares me, but I look forward to be proven wrong.

I have no fears or concerns about Ryan Pickett and Howard Green in the middle.  These guys are effective run stuffers and anchors in the middle.  In the pass game they collapse the pocket and in the run game they force you to run around them.   I love it when the big guys in the middle drop anchor and suck up blocks.  It is such an under rated portion of the game.

At left end (or strong side) is Mike Neal or CJ Wilson.  Mike Neal is a little small for the spot, but he is the strongest player on the whole team which should balance out.  And when he has been in the line up he has shown flashes of brilliance.  Problem is, he has had bad luck with injuries.  I never label a player injury prone.  In most cases it is simple bad luck.  We cannot ignore, however, that he is a young player that needs reps and he currently is not getting them.

The Green Bay Packers are thin on the D-Line.  Hopefully the injury bug stays away and the young guys step up, but even if there are problems history says that the Packers don’t often use 3 down lineman anyway.  Have to find some way to get all of our awesome corners and safeties on the field.

Lee Speakin