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New Product- LED At-A-Glance

Krueger Sentry Gauge is releasing a new product. It is called the “LED At-A-Glance”. In its base form, this unit will be able to remote monitor your AST’s for a very affordable price using your existing or new Krueger Gauges.

Much like the current At-A-Glance Alarm the new unit will be adaptable to nearly any Krueger Gauge on the market. This remote liquid level gauge will run on a nine volt lithium battery (expected life 3 years) with remote distance capabilities that are yet to be determined. (50 to 100 feet should be well within the limits)

While the current release is a hard wired remote display, the future possibilities with this product seem endless…. outputs/signals, dry contacts, wireless, hi and low level alarms.

We will have our new product on display at the NACS Show at the Chicago McCormick Center. Dates October 5th – 7th 2008. It will be in full production by January 1st 2009. Stay tuned for pictures and updates on it’s full capabilities.

Leak Gauge Third Party Testing

The At A Glance Leak Gauge has gone through a third party testing program, and has been approved by the FDEP. Our EQ number is EQ-675. The Leak Gauge was tested by Ken Wilcox and Associates. He is very professional, affordable, and highly recommended.

The Leak Gauge is designed for use on AST’s that have a double wall containment. The gauge top mounts to a monitoring pipe or over the top of the interstitial space, it is designed to monitor the bottom of that space and visually alert you to any liquid that may get into the secondary containment. The Krueger Leak Gauge’s simple design makes it affordable, easy to install, and even easier to maintain. For more info on this gauge, see our website.

In Florida, the Department of Environmental Protection requires a visual monitor for Leak Detection on all AST’s (Aboveground Storage Tanks). Inspectors will require this leak gauge to be approved and assigned an FDEP EQ number. For more information on these requirements, visit the FDEP’s website.

Florida Department of Environmental Protections Document

Leak Gauge Third Party Testing Document.

Leak Gauge Maintenance Manual

Leak Gauge Installation Instructions

Product Overview

Our product line is primarily designed to monitor the liquid level of aboveground storage tanks. Nearly all of our gauges are purely mechanical, extremely easy to install, and are custom made to fit your AST. All we ask for is your tank dimensions, and that the gauge is top mounted. We also make several mechanical gauges that fit more specific needs. These include our Overfill Alert Gauge, the Leak Gauge, and the Barrel Gauge. With the audible alarm option, you can turn your mechanical gauges into high or low level audible gauges.

Most of our tank gauges come in several different material options in order to promote compatibility with as many different types of liquids as possible. The standard liquid gauges are composed of galvanized steel, aluminum, and plastic floats. You can also order the gauge with all stainless steel wetted parts or all plastic wetted parts. This allows for compatibility with Caustics, Hydrochloric Acid, Sulphuric Acid, and alternative fuels to name a few.

For even more options and flexibility with your Tank Gauges, visit our website