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Solid Glass Calibrations for Liquid Level Gauges

Solid Glass Gauge Tops Now Available:

tank level gauge with glass top

Liquid Level Tank Gauge with more durable solid glass top


The new solid glass gauge display offers the same or better physical durability as the original plastic tops. However, this new glass gauge top offers much better resistance to sun damage, heat, weathering, chemical fumes, and more.  

The new glass gauge top eliminates the discoloration and cloudiness that can sometimes occur with the original plastic tops.  

It also will not warp, no matter how much heat and sun you expose it to. 

The new glass calibration will also hold up better when exposed to more aggressive chemical conditions, such as acids, caustics, high ethanol E85, Bio Diesel, etc…  

Currently, this glass option is available on three models.  The Type D At A Glance Direct Reading Gauge, the Type H Therma Gauge, and the Type K At A Glance Leak Gauge.

The oldest most reliable mechanical gauge on the market just got better.  As always, our gauges and all the parts on our gauges are Made in the USA.  

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It is really cold outside

Hot water in subzero temps

Click on the video above to see how cold it gets up here in Green Bay Wisconsin.

NEW!!! Krueger Sentry Gauge Solid Glass Top


Krueger Liquid Level Gauge Glass Calibration

Solid Glass Calibration for Krueger Sentry Liquid Level Gauge

Krueger Sentry Gauge has added a new Option for the liquid level Therma Gauge.  The exposed calibration on top of the gauge is now available in an ALL GLASS OPTION.  Our new level gauge calibration is made of thick/durable glass.  This will make the gauge more durable when it is outside and exposed to the elements.  No more cracked, cloudy, warped, or discolored plastic tops.  This new glass gauge will hold up to virtually any amount of sun exposure and heat.

Order the new Solid Glass Calibration as either an add on option for your new gauges, or order the Solid Glass Repair Kit to upgrade your current gauge in the field.  Currently this new glass level  gauge is only available for the Krueger Sentry Therma Gauge model Type H (other models coming soon).

We hope to have the new product in hand and ready to supply to you by February 1st, 2015.  A small quantity of samples are available now to distributors upon request.

Any other questions?  Contact Lee Geurts at Krueger Sentry Gauge.

Krueger Sentry Gauge
1873 Siesta Lane
Green Bay, WI 54313

Phone: 920-434-8860
Fax: 920-434-8897

Krueger Gauge News and Events

Trade Shows:

We just wrapped up the Informex Show in Miami, Florida.  I would like to thank everyone that attended our booth.  Our liquid level gauges, designed for above ground storage tanks, are a perfect fit in the volatile world of aggressive chemicals.   Our mechanical gauges are approved for use in flammable liquids, and our all stainless/ all plastic level gauge designs can hold up to nearly any type of corrosive chemical environment.

All Plastic Liquid Level Chemical Gauge

All Stainless Liquid Level Chemical Gauge<

We also just finished reserving our booth at the NACS / PEI Show in Las Vegas.  Show dates are from October 8th - 10th 2014.  Our booth number is 6320.  We look forward to seeing all of our old friends at the show, and hopefully making some new ones.

Industy News:

NYC rules for non metallic AST’s

Diesel Generator Leaks. Completely Preventable with the proper gauging.


Krueger Sentry Therma Gauge Is A Movie Star

So, I sat down the other day to watch a horribly fantastic SyFy movie called Alien Tornado.  You know the type of movie this is.  Bad acting, bad special effects, low budget, and a fantastic title. Movies that are so bad, they are good.  Kind of like Sharknado, Piranhaconda, Ghost Shark, or Robo Croc, just to name a few.   But something about Alien Tornado jumped out at me like the end of a horror movie when the bad guy is not actually dead.  (Speaking of which, never forget rule number 4: Double Tap)  Alien Tornado has a scene near the end of the movie that features a Krueger Sentry Gauge.  Yes, you heard it here first.  Alien Tornado gave our Therma Gauge some screen time.  How awesome is that.  Well, not very to most of you, but we frickin love it.

Oh yeah, I would like to make two points. First, If you want to use the Krueger Liquid Level Gauge as a handle to save you from an Alien Tornado, I suggest you equip it with the Gauge Guard.  In its base form, it really is not meant as a handle.  Second, the whole point of this scene is that they have to fill up the tank for some reason.  Ummmmm, look at your handy little gauge there.  The tank is full…

Here are some screen shots:

New Website — Owners Manuals

We have done a complete overhaul to our website. It is organized more efficiently than the previous website and much more modern. It also has auto responsive design to automatically re size itself to any electronic device. We hope you all like it!

Along with our new website we have created new PDF files and owners manuals for our gauges. You can get the complete listing of literature here:

A couple popular ones are listed below.

At-A-Glance Type D:

Therma Type H:

Barrel Type B:

Remote Reading Type DU:

Type GFK:

Type L:

Leak Interstitial Type K:

Overfill Alert Type OF:

Video Tutorials coming soon!

Punch Press Switch- Help, can’t find it

We have an old punch press down that we would like to repair.  The part that is bad is in these pictures.  If you know where to get something like this, please get in touch with us.

New Krueger Sentry Gauge Website coming soon

Some preview pics of our new web site, coming soon.

Designed by Bill Zoelle:














Industry News November 2012

Industry News- Petroleum Equipment, Safety, Regulations, Industry Trends, etc…

1- Keep Biodiesel Stable and Flowing

2- Check your Fuel Oil Tanks, take preventative measures

3- NFPA full list of codes

4- Changes to the Fire Pump Standards

5- Are EPA and DEP regulations on AST’s, UST’s, and related items hindering Economic Growth?

Add a liquid level gauge, overfill alarm, or both to your above ground storage tank and give yourself an easy/inexpensive layer of protection against spills and other accidents.

Krueger Sentry Gauge

Fraud/Complaint Paymentonecorp and Unique Web,LLC

Our AT&T Bill has had a monthly charge on it for $36.87 per month for some time now.  We just now picked up on it and have no idea what it is for.  This fraudulent charge is from a  combination of three companies.  Payment One Corp , Unique Web Listing, and AT&T.  I am including AT&T in the problem since they are the one billing us.  They claim that they have nothing to do with it, but if that is the case someone needs to explain to me why it is on their bill with their logo on the top.  AT&T needs to re-evaluate their billing process.

We have our phone service through AT&T and we advertise with AT&T.  That may all be ending now unless AT&T does something to make me feel better about doing business with them.

Check your next AT&T Bill, and look for the PaymentOneCorp charges: