Fraud/Complaint Paymentonecorp and Unique Web,LLC

Our AT&T Bill has had a monthly charge on it for $36.87 per month for some time now.  We just now picked up on it and have no idea what it is for.  This fraudulent charge is from a  combination of three companies.  Payment One Corp , Unique Web Listing, and AT&T.  I am including AT&T in the problem since they are the one billing us.  They claim that they have nothing to do with it, but if that is the case someone needs to explain to me why it is on their bill with their logo on the top.  AT&T needs to re-evaluate their billing process.

We have our phone service through AT&T and we advertise with AT&T.  That may all be ending now unless AT&T does something to make me feel better about doing business with them.

Check your next AT&T Bill, and look for the PaymentOneCorp charges:

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  • Sarah:

    I have just found this on our bill as well. Have you had the issue resolved? I am looking to take this public. I am going to start with a call to our local news. I have found well over a years worth of charges on our bill.

    Advise if you have any would be great.


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