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Lee Geurts is gettin married.

Just a quick announcement.  I am going to Hawaii to get married.  I will be gone from April 16th thru May 4th.  Amy and Barb will be taking my place covering the phones, customer service, and support questions.

See you in May.

Lee Geurts

1943 Vintage Krueger Sentry At A Glance Gauge

I was on Ebay when I found this gem.  A vintage 1943 At A Glance Krueger Sentry Gauge.  It has all the original packaging and instructions.  Of course I had to buy it.  And obviously, there wasn’t a lot of competition on the purchase.  Go figure, I was the only one who wanted a 66 year old liquid level gauge.

Lee Geurts

Official Liquid Level Tank Gauge Website – Krueger Gauge