Krueger Sentry Gauge Mascotts

Krueger Sentry Gauge is a small family business which is evident and obvious in so many ways. My name is Lee Geurts, and I am the youngest family member in the company. I work with my aunt, my uncle, my mother, my father, and it does not end there. Every liquid level gauge manufacturing plant and machine shop needs to have a mascott, and we have four of them.

First I would like to introduce you to Abby and Pearl. They are our alarm system. Two Toy Fox Terriers that warn us of intruders and customers alike. They belong to my Aunt Kathy. They are sisters, Abby is the porky one and Pearl is little miss petite. And just a forewarning, don’t throw the ball.

Next I would like to introduce you to the Security Guards. The first is the old veteran, Jasper. He is an eight year old boxer that is starting to go a little grey in the face, but he still takes his job as head of security and company mascott seriously.

Last but not least, I would like to present Cheyenne. She reminds me of Animal from the Muppets. Jasper is trying to teach her some manners, but she is a slow learner.

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