Liquid Level Gauges
- The ACU Gauge

The ACU Gauge - Accuracy, Simplicity, Quality

ACU Gauge

Digital Direct Mounted Gauge

  • The ACU Gauge is a float type sensing device good from 0"-60" deep tanks and accurate to 1/10" of an inch.
  • It has a 3.5 digit backlit display. The unit runs on either a nine volt lithium battery, or it can run off of the remote unit's power source.
  • The display has a push button activation with a battery saving automatic shutoff.
  • Unit is contained within a weather proof housing. It is semi waterproof (cannot be submerged), and is good from 30 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Standard auxiliary output jack with high quality gold plated connections.

ACU Gauge

Remote Unit With High Level/Low Level Alarm

  • The Remote Display is an optional add on that retains all of the same properties as the ACU Gauge itself.
  • It also offers remote capability, wall cube power, Hi/Lo level adjustable alarms, and an optional 4-20 mA output.

ACU Gauge Spec Sheet


A. Bushing—Machined aluminum 2” bushing fits standard 2” npt tank flange.

B. Housing—Non corrosive machined PVC housing.

C. Cable—Plastic coated stainless steel cable.

D. Misc—Stainless steel screws and connections.

E. Power—9 volt lithium battery, or it can be run off of the Remote Display power supply.

F. Float—Poly coated cork float.

The Digital ACU Gauge reads in inches and is good up to 60” in total depth. Its remote display capabilities as well as its vertical motion makes it the most versatile gauge we manufacture. Without the remote display, it is simply a vertical action digital direct reading gauge.

Ordering Instructions - Please specify the depth of your tank in inches.

Other Options Available - Please see the Remote Display Below.

Remote Display

A. 3.5 digit LED Display

B. Powered By 6 AA batteries, one 9volt lithium battery, or wall cube.

C. Battery life is 24 hours continuous/ 1year intermittent.

D. Push button activation, auto shutoff after 8 seconds.

E. Adjustable Hi/Lo liquid level alarm. Resetable even in alarm mode.

F. 0-5 Volt output adjustable/4-20 milliamp loop output for interface to process controller/computer.

Other Options Available
  • The remote display can be outfitted with a set of 4-20mA outputs.
  • Order what ever length of remote cable that you need.