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With tons of new options available on our Audible Fill Alarms, we can now accomodate even more applications.  Our fill alarm can be retrofitted to all of our most popular gauges. It is cost effective and easy to maintain. This item can provide High Liquid Level Alarms, Overfill Tank Alarm, Leak Detection Alarm, Low Level Alarm, and Interstitial Alarms.

Attain a visual indication as well as an audible indication of your tank level using only one fitting on your tank. No more worries about not being able to hear your vent alarm. At 110db, this overfill alarm will make you stand up and take notice.  An easy inexpensive solution to all of your audible liquid level tank alarm needs.

Direct Mount Level Alarms- All models features

  • Compatible with Krueger Sentry Gauges: Type D, Type H, Type B, Type PH, Type PD, Type O, and Type K.
  • Powered by a 9 volt Lithium Battery.
  • Magnetic Switch triggers a 110 DB Alarm.
  • Can be reset even while in alarm mode.
  • Test Switch allows you to test the battery before each use.
  • All Level Alarms come with a 9 volt Lithium Battery and Magnetic Indicator.

Part numbers, options, pictures and Descriptions

  • DAlarm - This is the standard fill alarm that includes all of the above options.
  • DAlarm-FL - With this model, the audible alarm is replaced with a small flashing LED light. The flashing light will visually alert when triggered by the magnetic indicator on the gauge and continue until reset. (this version has no audible)
  • DAlarm-FL-TO - With this tank alarm, there is an audible alarm with an added flashing light and time-out feature. The light will alert when triggered by the magnetic indicator on the gauge. The time-out feature will shut down the alarm after 20 seconds to save on battery life, but the light will continue to flash and the alarm will chirp every few seconds.
  • DAlarm-DC-FL - Standard dry contacts option with flashing light.
  • DAlarm-DC-FL-TO - With this model, there is an audible alarm with an added set of dry contacts, flashing light and time-out feature. This allows you to use the dry contacts while having a visual and audible application.

For additional information see - Tank Alarms with Dry Contacts Info Sheet

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